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2021-2022 Residence Application Update

105 Students Guaranteed Residence
105 Visa (International) Students, 105 Out-of-Province Students and students with an approved Deferral from last year have been provided advanced access to the 2021-2022 residence application. Students with advanced access have been sent a personal email with a guaranteed offer of residence. To secure your guaranteed residence, please read the details on the Future Residents website https://housing.mcmaster.ca/future-residents/2021-2022-eligibility/. Please ensure you are meeting the deadlines and requirements as outlined in your category.

Please log-in using your MacID and password.

101 Students Not Eligible for Advanced Access to the Residence Application
101 category students are encouraged to continue to watch the Future Residents website https://housing.mcmaster.ca/future-residents/2021-2022-eligibility/ for updates on residence occupancy and eligibility criteria. We are making every effort to be able to expand the eligibility criteria to 101 students to have you join us this Fall.

Please do not continue to the application as you will not be able to complete it.

McMatch Program
Students looking to connect with housemates for off-campus living can access the McMatch program by logging-in to the portal.

Please log-in using your MacID and password.